Friday, August 16, 2002

I lost my job and what new tatoo idea?
a 'friend' over huh? you work fast..oh wait, forgot about your hypocritical ways...
look at it this way, the boring job gives the leisure of time to hone your mind with proper way to play with ones so eager and dull of mind, the mindless job erases the through patterns that would make you worry about things, leaving you to the whims of the 'well-versed perverse'. after a few weeks you'll be very very useful to people like me ;)

Thursday, August 15, 2002

you never answered/responded to my new tattoo idea...
ha ha ha

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I dunno...guess it all depends on how well it trains you to do what you're told and makes you forgets who you are and such :P

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

My first work tonight. Is a mindless job better than a boring one?
ah...ok, just...the no thing's irritating. Happy you got the job, money is good...speaking of which, I need to get some hours schedualed this week.
I was on the phone getting my job interview.You called right in the middle of me listening to the rings. I really needed this job and I had no time to explain.

Monday, August 12, 2002

we go from talking online to you hanging up on me when I call less than 30 mins later? what's with you?
Yesterday I spent the day playing with three kids and three very big kids (:P) I went over to my friend Elaine's house (her bf Nick is actually the closer of the two to me) and played with the three children (5-7-9/10) with the help of Gibson, Nick, and Elaine (and her dog Merlin too). We played tickle monsters, hide n go seek, wolf pack, and then retired to a play ground where we ran around screaming and laughing until we were almost too tired to walk home. They left after the park, at about 9:00.We watched Lord of the Rings. And then I took Gibson home and there we talked for about four hours then I came home and crashed at like 4:30 in the morning. Give me a call when you come around.
so I get home don't show :(. hope you're ok, see you tomorrow I guess

Sunday, August 11, 2002

gonna take nath to worka nd bring john home cause john's car's fucked, so I'll bb in about an hour or so....assuming you get on and start getting off without me and such...:P
uh...I haven't worn glasses in a long time, like since after my senior year of highschool, I wore them for a year and wear them around the house occationally...the pics you see of me now are with contacts, clear. You getting really lonely/bored/remanistic if you're thinking that way about me...who use to be in the passenger seat chillin with you that you're replacing me with? just cuiriosity...gonna go grab something to eat...oh yeah, gonna get kanji tatoos on my fingers. on top of the finger under the knuckle and above the first digit, I need some help though...thinking of putting 'honorable death to the deserving' across one hand and not sure what across the other one yet...that'll probalby change though, wanna at least fill up all of my fingers, and they'll most likely be in they'll be in 5 word sayings on both hands...need to figure out if they at least have 'ded' in kanji because I know they don't have dedla...*kotc* I'm home, to you later tonight? if I'm lucky, Ms. Perverse Edipleness.
haven't met anyone who's said breathe is depressing so far...but, I like input.
I listen to your CDs you sent me alot recently. My friends commented on how depressing all they are. I agree. But when I listen to them it's like having you chilling in the passenger side of the convertable. I can practically see you there, glasses, earings, tatoo n all. Whispering perverted little sweet nothings in my ear, laughing over bullshit as we drive around doing nothing. I miss you. I hope you get home soon. Btw. I love alot of the songs you sent me. Now that I've listened to both Cds at least 7 times. I listen to number 11 on Breathe alot. Hits me somewhere, gets me excited. I'm a violent little bitch under all of this. I'd prolly make snuff films if I could. Sex and violence. Yum yum. So edible.

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