Thursday, July 25, 2002

Oh I dmed last night and my second to main bad guy was run over by a dire tiger (30 ft long, 12 ft tall) Then he danced on her until she died. That was biazzarely interesting.
Ded, I'll be 19 in three days...and there's less hub bub about that then my sister moving away...I guess she's only moved away twice and I've got tons of birthdays. I know Daren can't get me a present. I know no one will be throwing me a party. Oh well, I'm just getting older, right? Right? Enjoy your move, dearie. Maybe we'll be able to chat when you get back from there. Horny pics? I wish I had some. I have no porn again. -=sighs=-How do I get myself into such horrible perdicaments. *hugs* Lates.
:/ ok, lack of you here at all. POO! Poo I tell you!
Nath doesn't like my old skull pic. what a butt. about to leave for springfield and such *kotc* hope you're doing well still and being a perv like a good girl ;)
damnit...I wrote something long an funny last night, then I got horny and started looking at pics...then I clsoed thw window. :( you would've laughed a lot..

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Probably left msn on at my house, I'm at my parent's tearing out sliding doors in the basement, got one out, looks like the side of the house is rotted, which'll be fun taking all of that apart, AND the deck to get to it. Deck's rotten anyways. What seems too good to be true? That both of us get the deal? It was the last day of the offer and they did some buddy thing. We start saturday for orrientation....gonna be weird learning over 250 drinks. My mom REALLY doesn't like the idea of me doing it but dad says I'll do what I want either way, so at least that's more supportive than mom. Dinner's ready, so I'll write more later, probably gonna go home tonight, need to turn some games in at blockbuster by tomorrow. *hugs* What reoccuring dreams? What're you flirting about now?
Well, actually I'm looking for a waitressing job and a midnight stocking job on the side. I figure with two jobs I can do this alot faster and easier. I told Daren about me leaving two nights ago. It really depressed him but I think he's put it aside for now. He's thinking about running to his brother in Tennessee because his father is going to charge him rent soon. We both managed to start this whole "getting kicked out of the house" shit on the same night. My Mom wants me to take some more Japanese classes at the local college. Valpo. Considering in College it was the only class I went to -ever-. My aps are going to be put in everywhere from some fast food joints to a couple local restaurants to some department stores. I'm just looking for a job. I'll look for better money once I start making money. My Mom left for an evening, such is bliss. She is home now and as nasty as she left. She had traffic problems on the way home. I like the thought of your earing and your ink, so to hell with the traditional stuffy parents thing. I'm surprized none of my parents have ever had ink or earings done. The deal on the bartending school sounds great, but the part about for both of you seems a little too good to be true. Btw, you're online now but not responding to my messages. So I thought I'd write this and make you happs. *hugs* I might rp again tonight. Maybe not. I'll drop you a line either way. There's this cute 8 week old Yorkie down the street. Cutiest thing in the world, I tell ya, cutiest. It's about 5 ounces of dog. *kotc* Later guy, maybe I'll tell you about my dreams of late, reoccuring theme in them and all.
:/ you alive?
was about to write you anyway before i passed out. Sorry for being a horny ass and all, then going off an whining about it. Well, now I don't get to ask you where you where and wait curiously for an answer. Going to check out the bartending school here in kc tomorrow morning with Nathan, so sleep is good. They have some special going on now, normally it's 550 for 45 hours, but it's 200 in the special. The way Nathan understood it when he talked to the guy was that they'll take us both for 200 total, but I think it was a missconception. Since I'm only 20, I'd only be able to bar back till I"m 21, but that's still supose to be 10 bucks an hour. *shrugs* I'm not sure about it yet, but I will be tomorrow. My parents hate the idea, my mom doesn't like the idea of me getting an earing either. My dad gets to find out about it some time tomorrow, not sure if I'll tell them about my ink.
where're you putting in aps for? what're you looking to do? you don't have to tell me to write back, I check this thing 5-6 times a day. Kinda wierd, you talking to me like nothing ever happened, makes my head spin.
*kotc* thanks again for writing.
Sorry ded, I'm a busy woman. And my Mom is gone for a couple of days so I've been spending time with Jim. I enjoy my step-father better when my mom doesn't interupt *hugs* We'll talk. I promise. Right now I'm heading out to a friends to work on some job apps. We're putting one another as references. *hugs* Write me back.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

why'd you tease so!? little time on the phone and less online...gonna cry cause of it!
mmm! :( I waited and had my balls and cock swelling all day to call at 8 and you can't even talk? bad bad kat. *thinks you should make up for it like a good girl*
will do sweety...I'm sure it'll work out with your mom, it always does. She's like "hey, damnit, I miss my sexy bitch of a daughter, I'll just let her do as she pleases because I wuve her" or something....yeah, that'll happen. you should get more sleep, and smack her upside the head more. I was up till 8 this morning too...fuckin weird coincidence, since I usually pass out at about 4 or 5. I think you're stressin to much, you usually do, relax a lil :P, tis good for you. Don't worry about leaving so fast, you had plans, didn't expect me to keep you on and such. I'll give you a ring later, don't have a clue about what I'm gonna say though..
Give me a call sometime today. I'm not going out today, so, around 8
Sorry about leaving like that last night. I was going to leave right after I got offline, but food was suggested. That, of course, was yesterday's downfall. I got into a huge arguement with my mom and got kicked out of the house 3 times and was invited back in all three times. Needless to say I was pissed, rped until 7 something this morning and went to sleep at Daren's house. I slept on his couch. It's occured several times because of fights with my parents. I'm a little unsettled about it all, but I'll be alright. I'm going to leave for home as soon as Daren finishes his shower. I'm tired, ded, really tired. I have to face my parents, maybe a Jim going through a heart attack and get stuff done today on top of it.
The liquid inside of a man's nutsack acts as a cleansing system because the male genitalia is located on the outside of the body. As such, the liquid is pumped inside of the body and back, recycling and cleaning the fluids throughly. The liquid is clear but if puncturing of the sack occures, you'll most likely see blood.
The men's prublic restroom says: Shoplifting is Stealing.
chicken wings are good

Monday, July 22, 2002

you had a dream of little me? a dream of what? nothing I'm hoping for I assume. how do you 'prepare' for an rp session? or was there perversion there that I missed? beat me all you want fair queen as long as you relieve the preasure often....very very often.
As fun fun as fun can funny be. Anyways. I have an rping session to prepare for and some jobs to go out an nab. I'll be around to beat you later. Ha ha ha ha! I had a dream about you last night too. Later!
fineally you don't act offended to my advances or open knowledge of how I still feel...are you just bored and teasing?
*kneels before you* yes my queen. how much can 'fun fun fun' be?
Proof enough for me. And stop calling me mistress!!! I'm QUEEN! lol Fun fun fun.
proof enough that I'm here, misstress?
Hello! This is me and I want you to write in here as much as possible so we can keep up with one another. It's better then email I think. Kinda like your own personal email address for me. Whatcha think? You run out of stuff to write then interesting rubbish would be alright! Write me write me!!!! *hugs* -X-Phile

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