Update, get your update!  

A blog for keeping page viewers in tune with what changes I'm making.

I will not comment about length between updates. I will say that, perhaps, with summer coming, I'll be able to redesign this page, clear out the sludge and put up new content. The last post really has my writing wishlist on it, so that's already been said.

The theme for this update is, actually, my e-mail address: ariae@signalnine.net. Hotmail is too much of a pain in the ass, as no real content goes to that address anyways.

*muse* Need to redesign the front page. Make new directories and stick the appropriate things in them. Etc. etc. I have some ideas in my head, and maybe I'll get to execute them.

On a final note, been accepted to the University of New Mexico. Yaaay!

  posted by Lady Ariae @ 3:18 PM

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