Update, get your update!

sunday, september 2

WHEW! This is the second time today I converted this page. The first time I stuck all of my entries on my Pitas log, but upon work reflection, I decided that probably wasn't the best place to put them. So I created a new Blog and moved everything here, and am gonna use the Pita for personal ramblings. I couldn't let that beautiful color scheme go to waste, and besides, a Blog for updates seems...somehow more professional. Therein is my observed difference between Pitas and Blogger--Pitas is SOO much more informal. (is? are? hmmm...)

Anyhoo, updates. I pulled FWBM and the Episodes, though you can still access those files if you really want to at their old address. I'm going to revamp the Synop page and add a Weblog page. I hope I can attract my sister, Je-chun and Ki to put their logs on my server, if only so I don't feel like I'm wasting loads of space. Then I need to update the Memo blog and the Capstone blog and then, umm, maybe watch Dogma. (I actually have fanfic ideas for that movie. Isn't that strange?) By then, I may have killed enough time for mi amante to get home so we can sprech about our days. I'm going to slowly personalize my Blogs and Pitas in the next coupla days per Kismet-chan, adding links and personal information. And one day I may write! WHEEE!!!

But now I'm tired and you're all informed. Jya ne!

08-28-2001: Err, yes, it's been neglected. Poor little site. It tries
so hard to fulfill everyone,but I just don't spend enough time on it. I
apologize, my little one. I'll update you more now. I promise!
The newest feature of this update is the Weblog, an idea to keep track of
schoolwork that I stole from Starrynight (a very wonderful guy and my
SO's best friend). So if you're really interested in seeing what I have
to do in my class everyday, as well as my periodic rantings and ravings,
there it be.
On another note, unless I get mail on it, I'm going to take down The Episodes
and FWBM from the front page and try to revise the synopsis page to reflect
a more accurate sample of what kind of work I am currently producing. (I'm
writing this from school, thus the English Major-ese. *g*) I'll try to update
JTRF sometime soon, and I will be certainly updating my anime stories. As well,
I'm going to add a joint page for the Kingdom Tale and the Unnamed Fantasy.
And fix that ^*^*)(^ background on the Crossworld page, as well as post the
second story in that series.
These are all *soon* sort of plans, which as Fushigi Kismet put it, is a
relative term. :) Until then, I'd love to hear from any visitors to the page!

04-01-2001: You know, ya'll are lucky I only play April Fool's jokes
on complete strangers. I could have some fun here. Instead, I'd just like to
say...I'M ALIVE!
As well, thank you to all the nice people who have written to poke me with
verbal sticks about updating.Not only have I been feeling just un-mo-ti-va-ted
and had a pretty bumpy ride in the personal department and academic department,
but I have new stuff goin' on. I haven't mentioned it here, but I've been
carrying on for about a year a project for my friend 'Wan-chan. It's called,
concisely enough, "The Manga," and it was originally a birthday present.
It has blossomed into something else ENTIRELY--world creation, character
creation, a whole set of customs and magic stuff. Actually pretty spiffy, but
a big creative drain.
I also have a new set in the works called "The Kingdom Stories," if I can be
sure that certain people won't sneak in to look at them. ^_^
In other news, I'm probably going to take down FWBM and The Episodes. Or at
least revamp both parts. I haven't added anything to either story in a long
time, and I'm not really itching to.
BTW, there's one Preview up in the Sailor Moon previews section.
Once again, thank you to all the people with the verbal sticks. And also:
'Wan-chan, Ki the Muse, Resa, SRS, BVH-chun, Bri, and especially Ghent-itooshi.
Ya'll are my greatest inspirations.

11-19-2000: Well, least I have somewhat shorter time between my updates. :)
This is an extended update; I'm putting up all the Sailor Moon previews sections,
adding more (I think) to both FiW and The Beast (and any feedback at ALL would
be lovely on FiW. Chapter Two is the death of me!), adding a gateway page for
Clarified Light, my newest project, with an explanation for that. And probably
something else, but I'll add that in when I come up with it. Once again, my
apologies to all who have been waiting so long for me to write; I have a
*serious* case of the Writer-Is-Unmotivated-es...if anybody has a cure for that,
please let me know! And I'm just about to go into Finals, too...eeep!

10-03-2000: Another small update. Fixed the broken links to the ASMR
stuff on the Sailor Moon and FL pages. Going to probably upload more of
"The Beast" and *gasp* part of Ch. 2, FiW this week. Am trying to finish both
at the moment, really, since I got my Manga done last week.
In other words, I'd like to extend my apologies for not responding to all my
e-mail as promptly as I should--and my happiness at the return of Kis-chan to
the Internet. Yea! May you get your comp. troubles figured out soon, neh chica?
And to Jeremy-kun...I miss you, too.

08-25-2000: Small update. Put the Escaflowne stuff in its own directory
and updated "The Beast." Have yet to really work on the Sailor Moon previews; I
need to go digging to find a couple of the files, since I'm back at college.
I'd also like to wish good luck in this semester to Lianne-san and Kis-chan, who
are starting, and Lenina, Kora-chan, Gabukun, and Jaro, who are returning. May
we all not die!

07-20-2000: Added...well, a bunch of stuff! There's now
a Previews page for the Sailor Moon section, this Update page,
new pics on the "Names" page, an Escaflowne logo and a sorta-kinda
preview page for that (I should start coding that tonight, if
I'm awake...*sweatdrop*). All the counters should stop displaying
"Bad Referer" now, though if they do--and if you care--you can
click them and they should be good. Umm...I think that's it...
I'm going to start writing/uploading SM previews and maybe
some other stuff...
Sheesh, look what happens when you lose a book!

7/16/00: It's 6:00 in the morning, and where should I be?
In bed, most likely--but alas, given a run in with mi imouto and a
LARGE spider on the wall, sleep is not going to come for at least
another twenty minutes or so. (Very optimistic of me, neh?) But the
big thing is just to say that a new portion of "The Beast" will be
going up today (it's on the other computer right now), and perhaps
a small update on FiW, if the stuff from my notebook works out to be
a page or so. And if it makes sense in the re-read. Aside from
that...same as always. BTW, I managed to pass all of my Summer classes
with A's, despite my plethora of 3 in the morning papers. I wonder
at myself sometimes...

5/14/00: Hey again! Little update this time...I think I've
gotten all the e-mail address finally fixed, and I've FINALLY found
and uploaded my pics for the Anime pages. Also, there's a part of
Chapter Eight of The Beast, but the formatting currently sucks. And
for all of ya'll worried...I did fine on my finals, apparently. Now,
to conquer Summer Session...

4/30/00: Hey all!! This is the weirdest time for me to update--I
have finals this week, after all!--but I have four hours between work,
and I needed to do something to relax me. Thus, this update. Over this
week I'm gonna try to do a bit of updating on all the pages I have something
to update on; the Anidex, for one thing, is going to get re-written, I
should have the next two chapters of JTRF up, and if things keep going
so smoothly, I'll have a piece of Ch. 8 of The Beast for ya'll...tres
spiffy, neh? Oh, and I'm gonna change all the ^*(^*)(^ e-mail addresses
to the RIGHT address, too. And track down the image Ryo-kun made for
me...*grrr* Links page is gone, too, mostly because I took one look at
it and nearly puked. Rest assured, I AM gonna link to other sites...but
that'll be in the next Update. BTW, pray for me over this Finals week.
I'm sick and worn to the bone right now...and I thank everyone on ICQ
for supporting me throughout this school year. Special love to SWK, BVH,
my roomie Lenina, Kirre-chan, Ki-chan, and Ghent-sama...ya'll have kept
me alive and sane! (As far as that goes...*g*)