Index o' Weblogs


For your enjoyment, an index of my weblogs. The school logs I don't update much anymore--for instance, the Capstone Journal and Linguistics Journal are pretty much dead until I go back to school. "Memo to Self" is something I'll also start up again when I get back to school, since it's a place to archive course notes and that sort of thing.

Back in January, I shifted from Pitas to LiveJournal. Both logs are up for your inspection; one will take you to the archives (my last six months of school), and the other to my current log.

If you want to see what the people I know, or the people I know with LJ's, are doing, you can click the Friends link on my LJ. 7Ghent, The Wayward Scholar, and Miss J's journal are among my favorites. There's some other links I'm putting down there, things I've found interesting...

New: I've started a 'fic journal! Woo!

Personal log
Muzukashii desu ne?
Tyhei's LJ
Ty's Fic Journal

School logs
Memo to Self
Capstone Journal
Linguistics Journal

Friends/Interesting People
Kismet, Kismet, Kismet, woo!
Kismet's Fic Journal
Tin's Journal
Gina's Pita
Neil Gaiman's Blog
SRS' Deadjournal
Brunching's Lore