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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Drawing up a draft

(This was written about two weeks ago, and never published. For posterity!)

Note: feel like CRAP. Where did this come from?

I need to sit down and do these on the actual night of the class, but I'll make an exception for this night, as there was a paper to work on. And much work was needed, too.

On Tuesday, we discussed grant writing proposals. Grants are something I keep hearing about and hearing about, but have never really had any experience with until I got to graduate school. As an ungrad, there were things like PELL grants, but I had no chance of getting those (I believe). Now, though, grants are what pull us through the later stages of college and our research projects. As much as I don't mind working for the money...the idea of a grant is pretty nice.

It is a matter of writing them, though.

As our class is mostly focused on NA project, the grant proposals we've looked at have been geared to writing one for them. I should back up--we started out looking at just lists of proposals that deal with language revitalization and efforts like it, which include just a ton of things. I was kind of surprised, actually, but I am, somehow, always surprised by things like this. Then, we moved on to reviewing the NSF grant.

I put all this summary here because...we'll, we next subcontracted out to write the NSF grant. I took the "writing the grammar bit," as I was full of lofty words and phrases in class. Now, though, as I cycle through my homework and the Navajo paper, I am...not so sure what to write anymore.

It works like this: it's not the material, it's the writing. How do I present a case with two purposes--a descriptive grammar (call it linguistic based) and a pedagogical grammar (teacher based)?


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