Memo to Self...

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Well, today began a brand new semester of school--my very last semester as an undergrad at IUPUI, in fact. Upon coming home, I was shown this wonderful new way to chronicle this year by Starrynight. So, I propose to take notes and record assignments and such here for the rest of the year. Or, at least, try to.

Spanish Grammer, S311: First and only class of the day, yay! My schedule looks like Swiss cheese because of a massive overhaul after someone (MR. TOUPENCE) canceled his sci-fi class. Not that I'm bitter. Much.
Anyhoo, so the class is located in the ES building, which is tacked onto the SPEA/BS building, and the classroom looks like it was hollowed out of the wall 'cause they extra space. Really, it's a tiny little place. However, looks to be a fun class. The teacher is a blond sylph and extremely genki, plus she speaks Spanish at a good clip with the lovely Castellano accent. Mmm, love them softened c's. We don't have a grammar workbook (and the masses proclaim HALLELUJAH!), and while we're going to zip through the concepts, it's all review anyways and it's all been laid out on the syllabus. This is a pleasant surprise compared to my last two Spanish classes. In fact, the whole class is one pleasant surprise, from Prof. on down. For the first time in many years, I'm looking forward to Spanish.