Memo to Self...

Thursday, August 23, 2001

The second day of my last semester has begun! Currently I'm sitting in the IUPUI library, kinda-sorta abusing computer time. Don't snitch on me, prease? *g*

In any case, first class done! I got up on time and everything, found the classroom and even had food--aren't ya'll proud of me? But enough of that weirdness, let's get to details.

Capstone Class: This is the class required for all English majors to complete before they graduate. Let me start by saying I was verra nervous about this class. I checked into Oncourse before class started, and the notes left by the Professor were kinda intimidating. The syllabus itself is kinda intimidating, too--I have to do an interview, a portfolio, a senior project, and a coupla other odds and ends. The strange thing coming in was that the book required was Huckleberry Finn--what the HECK were we gonna do with that? I like Mark Twain, but it really didn't seem to fit.

I'm still a little worried, but not so much anymore. The class consists of English seniors, most a bit older than I am, and already the group seems comfortable. The Prof is Steve Fox, who used to be the chairman of the English department, and he's part of the reason we're all so comfy with each other. He brings an informal air to the whole setting--we can address him as "Steve," for instance--and the way he explained the syllabus, it doesn't seem so bad. It turns out we don't have deadlines on these projects minus the end of the semester--when we've completed them, we've completed them. We can't turn in everything at one time, but that's about the only qualification. Aside from that, he stated on the syllabus and in class that he HATES grades. In fact, if we really need a good grade, we can discuss it with him and see how it can be achieved. More than likely it will, unless we're total slackers. This eased my somewhat grade concious mind--actually, the internal effect was more like WOO-HOO! YES! YAY!!!

As for "Huck Finn," it's going to be used as a jumping off point for discussions in class. Prof. Fox (okay, so I just can't get that informal with a man whose got a Ph.D) has taught Amer. lit and likes the whole genre, and I figure it'll seguey well into my other American Lit. class. As for the other things in class, I'm thinking of interviewing Professor Upton, who's a linguistics professor and a guy I've had classes with. The portfolio, I believe, will highlight the three areas of English I've covered through papers...or how I've covered parts of English with papers in other classes. This'll include my award winning reviews from my World History classes with Prof. Heathorn (though I'm not sure which one to put in yet), my paper on secondary language education from W150, and probably two pieces of creative writing, a poem and a short story. I may also include my analysis of one of the poems from last semester's British Lit. class, though I honestly kinda fear those bad little papers. As for the Senior Project, I'd love to do something highlighting my interest in Linguistics...but have no clue yet as to what to do. Maybe something on Internet communication and how sticky it can be. In any case, stay tuned for thoughts on that here!

We also introduced ourselves, and I find myself being drawn out, even though I'd love to be all silent and observer-like. *sigh* Something to work on!

More of the day's events as they unfold. Jya ne!