Memo to Self...

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Hola and good morning! Sorta. I'm tired and I still don't feel well, so this is gonna be short.

Japanese: Well, it's nice to have the old crew together again. The class is fairly good sized, and the chunk of us from Yonogi-sensei's class all sat in the same curve last night. Kuchenberg-san has left us, but I think we'll manage. We also have a new sensei--Sutanfirudo, which I think can be transliterated as Stanford or Stanferd or something like that. She's this little wisp of a Japanese woman, but she has this great big smile and, perhaps, a good sense of humor. One cannot tell from one class period. There's a few other people in the class that seem of note--a guy who lived in Japan for awhile, Sparks-san (I think that's his name) whose accent seemed flawless from where I was sitting, and a pair of gentlemen that really couldn't be called that who seem to already grate on the nerves. Oooh, fun.
We started reviewing kinship terms, and pages 315-318 hold the vocab and information. Homework is to make a chart of family and write descriptions of them. Remind me to look up "annoying" in Japanese ^_-.

Capstone Class: We finished introductions, discussed some IUPUI programs, and reviewed nineteenth century Lit. Then were set to brainstorm on our senior project. I'm thinking of doing dialect--the linguistics of it and how accurately it's represented in literature. Oh, bow to me NOW, for I am greatness -_-. I also engaged in some literary masochism by starting a book An Inquiry Into the Japanese Mind as Mirrored in Literature, which is a condensation of a work by Tsuda-sensei of Japan. According to the bio, he's a well known guy and the epitome of the scholar-saint. He was even persecuted. It looks interesting, though, and I figure I can broaden my horizons.

On another note, thank you Blogger for helping me remember my HTML tags. Oh, and I started yet another letter to mi koi, since anyone who reads this will of course be totally interested in my social life. You may start taking bets on if he'll send a letter back. (Hint: Those against will probably win.) Tee-hee, wo ai ni, amante!

I'll go now. It's probably for the best.