Memo to Self...

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Hello, hello, hello! Blogging for my Thursday classes

Capstone Class: We discussed what the study of English is all about, and what an English major can look at. Looked at the origins of the words "language" and "text" (from the verb "to weave"--I like this concept) and exactly what IS a text--which now includes film and plays and musci and the like. Then broke into small groups to discuss how we in our English or other classes have analyzed texts. I proposed "inductive" and "deductive" looks into texts, and then we talked about film for awhile, and our own works. I found that I was not quite as high-brow as the people I was with--neither cared for MST3K, feeling it to be...juvenile, perhaps? Or just a destruction of a movie. Personally, I like's funny and they have a lot of interesting things to say. Plus the variety of movies they watch, especially the Shorts, are a lovely look at an older culture of the US. It's educationally entertaining--how about them apples?
Then we went around class and found out what everyone else suggested. We started to get into that old argument about how Frame of Reference affects the interpretation of an author's work, but then class ended. Whew. There's much to think about in analyzing any sort of work, and it's amazing how it all comes together in the end. I don't know how this'll affect my stories, but...we shall see. :)