Memo to Self...

Monday, November 26, 2001

Outline for Amer. Lit paper:
"Addie's Heritage"

A. Addie's narration in Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" reveals several traits of her character.
B. She also discusses her pregnancies and how she felt with each one.
C. A combination of her feelings during preganacy and her own characteristics appear in each of her children.

II. The Children--five paragraphs, woo. Must tie into Addie with each one, as well. For example, "Cash's quiet way of showing without words reflects Addie's belief that words are almost useless."
A. Cash
1. Quiet
2. Works with hands
B. Jewel
1. Shows love through violence/pain
2. Independent
C. Dewey Dell
1. Female and good around the house
2. Addie says she uses DD to cancel out Jewel, and it's important to note that DD pales in comparison to her siblings. She is just "there" to take their mother's place.
D. Vardaman
E. Darl
1. Sense of hatred from Addie, "I do not have a mother."
2. Search for self.

III. Closing
Rewrite of intro

Boy, that's helpful. But it helps get my thoughts down, neh?