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A record of thoughts for the English Capstone class.

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Thursday, September 27, 2001
Yes, I've been a little lax in my Blogging. I intend to use some of tonight and tomorrow to catch up on my notes. Maybe a bit of Sunday, too, if I can ever figure out when to study for my other classes. *la sigh* Sleeping sometimes takes up waaaaay too much of my time.

On Tuesday, again we discussed our project proposals. WHY DIDN'T I GET THAT THE PROJECT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE ABOUT HUCK FINN? Oooh, I'm such a dork. But the proposal, shoddy as it was, seemed to go over well. I'm thinking of maybe dropping the linguistics angle all together, simply because of time restraints and that I have another linguistics project to do. The book critique angle is not totally my forte--if reading my past papers has anything to say about it, at least--but I think it would be an interesting study. So I'm leaning more towards that. If I decide to go WAY out of line, I might do a study of Elves in fantasy as the utopic society. But that would require reading more than just McKiernan fantasy, where they are utopia. (Actually, most non-human races represent the utopia. But I digress...)

Today we discussed the Smiley book about Liddie. What a drastic difference in styles! It was sort of shocking, actually, to hear about the progress of that book. But at the same time, makes sense in the post-modern world. I'm glad to hear one Smiley critique, and that's that HF is boring. WHEW. I agree, for the most part. A lot of times throughout the book, I went, "This is an AMERICAN classic? THIS?! I'll take more London, please..." I guess I'm just the Po-Mo type o' classical reader, even if I do like old style fantasy and that sort of thing.

Not much more to say, but I'll add as the time goes. Jya.