Journey to Rainbow Forest

Dimuniative title, BIG story!

This all, you don't WANT to know how it starts. It's safe to say, though, that this may end up including all of my circle of friends, and three cool teachers, too. Also, some other people pulled from other, darker places...just kidding!

Before I go on, I must say that even though my name (NINX) is the only author's name here, co-credit has to partially go to Sarah Jo. She badgers me consistently on it, reviews it, encourages me, and provides a slew of new ideas. Without her, I wouldn't have come up with half the stuff I have now. Thank you much.

Now that I'm done gushing, here's the premise: After the Great War of Succession, an interesting older woman decides to take four of her younger friends (three chickies, one guy) to a relaxing place called Rainbow Falls. However, for them to make it peacefully is not how a fantasy story works. Enter magic, mystery, intense thought, romantic inclinations, danger, and plenty o' dreams and vanishings. Not far in it yet, and already my head is whirling.

Read on, read on! and please, enjoy.

Some Minor Knowledge

Gifted --A person who has an ability to perform an action outside the normal human actions. Cannot pass their abilities on through bloodlines. Ex: Empath.
Sucession --Related to the throne succesion of today, it involves when the Prince chosen by the dying king assumes the throne. Usually done flawlessly; the War of Sucession was the first to come out of this ritual.
Natural --One of the Three Races, they are akin to very strong Gifted, only they CAN pass the abilities through their blood. Not liked very much. Grouped by the control they exert: Mountain, Sea, Forest, Elemental. Have a interesting tradition called "The Dance."

Prologue: A little info
Chapter One: Intros
Chapter Two: Starting Off
Chapter Three: The Recovery
Chapter Four: Dana

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