The Crossworld
Home of "Violets" and its relatives.

Actually, this is the generic term for this world, since I haven't really worked with it for long. It's relatively new--I came up with the characters due to a fight/disagreement/tension between Ryo y Jaro y yo--but I like it a lot. So does Jaro; Ryo simply likes certain lines.

I know, I know--stop before I confuse you more. I came up with this world in order to write my little "tension" story and illustrate a friendship; however, before long, it turned into a world, and not just any type. There is a lot of mixing of traits--for example, characters from the DBZ universe--as well as my own way of weirdness. I may actually draw for this place, since I (for once) have a picture in my head...

Enough chatter, no?

Jarita actually already has "Violets" on her page for those interested; go here to read it. To find out what all of these are about, check out the Synop page. And keep tuning in--I'm working well on all of three stories, plus an idea that's been floating around my head, and I should have them up very soon (which, for me, will be within the year).

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