The Episodes

These stories came out of an hour long phone conversation between a friend of mine and myself; it took me a year to get the first one finished, and it looks about that long for the second. Still, I have a BLAST writing these, since the people (and Care Bear, who is being used without permission, no creative infringement intended) who they're about really don't give a hoot what I write. Anyways, basic premise: two guys, a girl, and a Care Bear are stuck on an Island for the rest of their lives under the watchful eye of the mysterious Guardian. OOOOH. Sarcasm, some interesting philosophy, and odd plots are what follows. Like I said, I have FUN writing these stories, and I like to take stabs at modern conventions. Oh, and there's bad spelling, grammar, and barely disguised symbolism here, too. Just in case you wondered.
Note: Because these files weren't originally text files, I was able to use italics, bold, other stuff. Therefore, some parts may look odd.
UPDATE: Chapter Three of Ep 2 is nearly finished. Also, I may be putting up some chapters of Four and Five, 'cause who need chronology? You can follow it well enough from inside the stories! *g*

Episode One: The Beginning

Chapter One: The Lady
Chapter Two: On the Lookout
Chapter Three: Questioning
Chapter Four: Exploration
Chapter Five: Visions of Future
Chapter Six: Simpson Family Robinson
Chapter Seven: Shattered, Tattered, Repaired

Episode Two: The Temple

Prologue: I dreamed a dream....
Chapter One: Manly Men In Prime Manliness
Chapter Two: Stings

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