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:: Thursday, February 06, 2003 ::

A short note on who is posting:

Blogger allows a person to post under a nickname. "Midori" works for AS; it's kinda silly here. However, I have NO clue how to change it...
so I apologize. Perhaps I'll figure something out as I keep this up.
:: Midori 1:24 PM [+] ::

When I started Autumn Sakura (which may get it's name changed--too many cool Japanese words, honestly), I wrote a post at the bottom that should be considered
Author's Notes.

These are also author's notes, but they deal less with the content and more with the footnote to the content. Also, my struggle to keep this from becoming a complete nikki (diary), to try to keep to Sei's general style even if I am much more like Kenkou or Murasaki in my personal writings, and to remember to update it ('cause I can be awfully bad at that.)

So, it begins.
:: Midori 1:22 PM [+] ::

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