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Friday, January 31, 2003

I wish I had a title bar...

'Twould make it much easier to follow the original format, neh?

This is an introductory post that will later fall at the absolute bottom of this blog, so it should probably be considered Author's Notes.

"Autumn Sakura" is a project for my Japanese aesthetics class. At the end of the semester, we're supposed to turn
in some sort of creative work, or paper, dealing with what we've learned in the class. Through happenstance, I
began to keep a sort of pillow book in a journal a friend gave me for X-Mas. Et voila! A project idea. I decided to put
in on a Blogger because my handwriting is atrocious, and also it's much more aesthetically pleasing than turning
in a bunch of typed pages.

Several good links about Sei Shonagon and the Pillow Book can be found here, or if you're up to it,
by doing a Google search on her. Two other works I recommend are Murasaki's "Diary," and Kenkou's "Essays in
Idleness," which will probably have more of an influence on the style than Sei will. I do not posess much "okashi," though I will try.

In keeping with Sei style, though...a list.

    A list of things one may find in these pages
  • Lists, of course
  • Musings on my home and life
  • Quick bites of discovered "wisdom," sometimes motivated by an event, sometimes by just writing
  • Poems (not necessarily of the good sort)
  • Random tidbits