Guardians--Adam's novel

You know, I've been advertising for new authors among my friends for quite awhile now, and I've finally got one. He's a friend of mine (good friend--that's up to him) and a real sweetheart.

You wouldn't know it by the story, though. This is one of those rockem', sockem', fantasy novels, lots of action, good deal of gore, and an interesting plot as a backbone.

He got his own page awhile ago, so this is just a link to it (call HIM when it breaks down *g*). He's up to chapter five, and I'm pushing for more. Also, check out the armory, the FAQ (it is there...) and more of his page, since it's niftier than what you'll find here...he draws and manipulates pictures much better than I can. I'm toying with the idea of keeping a list of characters or something running here, since I have a good understanding of most of them, and he bounces ideas off me all the time.

Enjoy, and please send feedback. He deserves it! *g*

(Hey Adam, I finally changed it...paraphrase this!)


This is to Beth, Mr. O'Brien, Theresa, Ninx (heh heh, gracias Serp) and all of those who have helped me work on this story. I owe you a debt of gratitude honor cannot repay.


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