The Manga de 'Wan-chan
 Welcome to the Online version o' Jen's Manga, also known as 
"The Manga" and "'Wan-chan's story."  First of all, I need to say that 
if you've stumbled here by accident, GO AWAY!  This is technically a 
storage page and private resource for those who have permission...
 And that leads me to the Second of all.  This is an original 
story--the characters, plot, setting, etc. are all mine.  Steal them 
and there will be many, many pissed off people.  *grrrrr* 
 Anyhoo...this page is just your basic dumping ground for all I 
have concerning the Manga so far.  This includes Act lists for 
the Volumes, character info, attempts at drawng, so on and so 
forth.  Basically, it's a big ground for laying out what I've 
come up with people who want to see what's in store.
 Hope you enjoy!
Volume and Act Listings

Art This one is most needed...but I really bite at drawing, so don't cringe TOO badly at mi pathetic attempts.