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No laughing!

Yes, I am a Sailor Moon fan. Yes, I got the guts up to write fanfic. And to my absolute amazement, some people think its good. REALLY good even.

 Trust me, this surprised the sauce out of me. So I denied it. And they still pressed the charge that I wrote good stuff. Finally, I've just let them stick the tab to me, and kept it at that. Don't be biased, though, my reader friend; formulate your own opinion, and may the best peops win!
WAY before I start: Sailor Moon, 3:00 PM(CST, I believe). The S season is showing in the US, and even though U&N are cousins...well...they're still here!! May I yippee? SO CHECK IT OUT! Also, Rising Sun on Saturdays offers Sailor Moon, and they're just starting S. (Pardon the excitement, but S is the season I've always wanted to see, badly dubbed or not!)

 Before I start: DISCLAIMERS!
Sailor Moon, all the other Sailor Senshi and other names and terms associated with the series are copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi,Kodansha, Bandai, DIC and all the other companies (which I can't remember right at this moment). DON'T SUE ME! cause there's no infringement intended.

Headaches and Heartaches

My first try at an ORIGINAL fanfic, it's set during the ominous Darien-doesn't-love-me! period of the R Season. Two friends from Darien's past (my version, my version!) come to visit him in Tokyo and wind up embroiled in the tensions between these two soulmates. As they try to resolve it, more problems occur, as their shared past explodes over them to cause...problems.
That makes it sound better than it is...oh, and the formatting on some of the chapters is ABSOLUTELY horrible, and I apologize for it. I'll fix it someday...
Headaches and Heartaches

Hi! Before we move into the rest of the Page, where you actually get to read and go other places and all that stuff, I'd like to ask (rather sheepishly) if anyone would like to draw something out of any of these stories. I have A LOT of space now, and frankly, my drawings SUCK. You saw what I did before--Blahh. So, should I have inspired tell! *g* 
I realize, normally, that a pic would go here. However, instead, I'm going to be putting in a little bit of a knowledge section. No, please don't run away! *g* It's not that bad. It's just some way background stuff on Sailor Moon, involving the names, myths, and reality of the series. All right? Handle it? Cool!


The Four Lovers got together and decided that they needed their own space. Check this out: AQUI!
Here's the link to the page of my newest story. Why it's own page? Because there's an extremely pretty pic that goes there, and because this is a long story--we're looking at at least fifteen chapters here, if my mental outline is clueing me in right. So far it's the only one I have planned for the "Fairy Tale" genre--but we shall see what happens, neh?

Once upon a time...


The Untitled Fiction

You know, it's not enough that I have to corrupt the Sailor Moon universe with my own characters, or re-write history...nahh, I have to actually write a fan-ficcy, outside-the-universe-but-not thingee. All credit goes to Alys, actually, for handing me a wonderful character for me to abuse. *g* Also, I must say that the seeds of this idea came from when I used to write fanmail, using characters to spout off phrases. Fun, no? By the way, this story is weird...and that's all I'm going to say.
Oh yea. One thing to make clear: the Ninx of this story is NOT me. Gracias.

Chapter One: A SERIOUS Screw-up
Chapter Two: Assembling a Team (sub: And we're balanced, too.)
More to come, though like AltH&H, it's kind of on hold until I finish the Four Lovers. Oh, the woes of a dominating series.

Hola minna!! I was looking over these anime pages the other day, and I noticed that the bottom half of the page seemed to be entirely devoted to stuff I said I was gonna write. Then, I strolled over to Kis-chan's page...and got a wicked idea.
Aside from that, I was bored and feeling the urge to code/write, and my outline for The Beast seems to be in Indy right now. EEEP.
Thus, this page came along, a page of previews for the works I hope to write sometime in the near future. I have a BUNCH of ideas, but these are really the ones that I like and seem very feasible. So, without further wordiness from ya go!
The Previews
Note: None of the previews are, at this time, working. This shall be changed in the future, I assure you...


 Ninx joined the FAQ happy craze, but only this time used HTML. Go, Ninx, go!

 I'm still hesitant to post this, but I see no reason not to. It is a rewritten version of the scene between Venus and Kunzite in "Stranded," which has always seemed WOEFULLY inadequate to me. So I rewrote it. Hope you, por favor! V and K...again.

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