Little Bits of the Future...

The Destiny Cycle
INFO: The urge to mate up the single Senshi is a rather powerful one--why do I keep writing stories with Gens?--but the urge to give Sailor Pluto, the beloved Setsuna, a life partner...that can be even worse. So, just 'cause I can be rather silly, I cooked up a mate for her out of Piers Anthony's Incarnations series. Somewhere, though, a spark of an idea touched off, and suddenly I had a whole Cycle on my hands...

Ancients A tale of Fate and Time set in the post "Stars" age
When serious trouble threatens the world of the Senshi, Sailor Pluto seems to always appear and give aid in some way or another. But now that Chaos as been returned to its proper place, it seems that the only trouble will be in the distant future, when Sailor Moon will be called upon to purify the world...
But for now, Sets needs a break, and so she returns to Earth to plan and work and just be herself for a little bit.
Until a man named Pres, son of the Fates, shows up on her doorstep with a tale to tell...

Three Times Risen A tale of Love and Destiny set in Neo-Tokyo
After the defeat of Wiseman, Neo-Queen Serenity and her King have set about rebuilding not only their world, but their love for each other. As their daughter is away being trained in the past, they become as soulmates again, the damage of Dimando and the past whittled to nothing.
In the midst of it all, the Senshi wonder when they, too, will experience this sort of love, that which the Mystics call "soul share." Their answer comes in the form of Pres, son of Fate, who points out to them that they already have a soul share with the Generals of Endymion...and that as they have been incarnated three times, so will their loves.
And yet...
Every new incarnation has meant a new evil. And this time, it may be pointed not at the Earth and the Moon, but at those who Guard them...

Fairies and Dreams My attempt to be NICE with Chibi-Usa...
With the 18th birthday of Small Lady, variously known as Chibi-Usa, Spore, or even Sailor Chibi Moon, the age of courting will have been reached for the young Princess. At the same time, her friend Hotaru, Sailor of Destruction and Rebirth, will also be eligible for court. Those of the palace--in fact, everyone--believes the outcome is predictable: Small Lady to wed Elios, and Saturn...well, not to wed at all.
So it is a surprise when the day comes and not just Elios presents his suit, but a grown fairy Prince--and thus begins a tale that may or may not end happily...
Threads: The Sequel to "Four Lovers"
INFO: I don't think this is going to be a one-shot story to wrap up all my loose ends. I just...really don't think its possible. I'm going to give the main plot below, and then how I might break it up. Unlike FL, the plot/titles for this wrap-up aren't making themselves known...guess I should just consider that burst of inspiration a MAJOR fluke, neh?
(Proposed) Storyline
Finale in White brought an end to the saga of the Four Lovers and their Prince and Princess, finally tying up all the ends left loose by the disaster in "Air." Actually, didn't, for the Senshi remain powerless--and on the horizon looms something disasterous. Something from the Realm of Dreams has crossed over... Something more like a Nightmare.

Mayhap? The Stories of Threads...
Threads: Clotho Spins--As Tokyo turns to from Winter back to Spring, life begins anew...and for the first time in a year, the powers within the fallen Senshi have begun to stir again. Amid this excitement, though, comes fear, for Pluto and Wesley have found evidence of a silent invasion...and this time, they are going for something that only the Ancients knew existed. When the Watchers return bearing even worse news, the horizon looks grimmer than before...
Threads: Lachesis Measures--The Tsuki Gumi (yes, I just coined that...I think its fitting) is on the run from a dark enemy, one who knows too much. In the midst of this terror, Pluto takes it upon herself to revive the bearers of the Talismans--not to summon the Silence, but to reunite the Inners with their abilities.
Threads: Atropos Cuts--Inners, check. Outers, check. Generals, check. Prince and Princess, check. Watchers, check. What could be missing in this great fight against evil? Ummm...perhaps the red thread needed to defeat it totally?

You may ask why there are no previews up for these yet. That would be because I don't want to SPOIL the reader, the one who doesn't like such things, too much. So...nothing for now...something for later.

Random Other Stories
INFO: These would be the weird little buggers that deprive people of sleep, or just come on when the Muse hits the random key while working on an ideas file. Notice only one or two have previews--they're likely to get written. As to the others...who knows? If you want the idea, though, just ask. I'd be MORE than 'appy to provide.
The Silver Moon and Wild Earth have finally decided to "officially" break the silence between them, and thus in high hopes, a conference is planned. At the pre-conference ball, the representatives of meet and mingle, including the Princesses of the Four Inner Planets and the Princes of the Mineral Kingdoms--respectively, the Guards of the Moon Princess and the Terran Prince. Along with them come the QMRA, Luna and Artemis, and the Prince's trusted friend, Koi, each filling in their respective liege. Little does anyone know that the conference is a ruse. Little do the planners know how their ruse will backfire...for a dark force invades and captures all the delegates, forcing a pair into each cage to endure torture until their demands for separation are met. Thus Prince Kunzite meets Princess Venus, Leaders unused to their now fragile state...Princess Jupiter, who hates men, finds herself stuck with the misogynst Prince Nephrite...and Prince Jade the Gentle is seated with Princess Mars the Sardonic...none aware what destiny has planned for them in their state. Meanwhile, the quint of Luna, Koi, Princess Mercury, Artemis and Prince Zoisite have escaped the trap, and must make their way towards help... But who knows where help lies? Preview

The Manga reveals that Prince Endymion, now Chiba Mamoru, saved the Four Stones that once were his Generals. What happens when the Senshi find this black lined case containing the essence of their former lovers?

Chiba & Co: Jade Shadow A Mystery of Past, Present, and Bloody Future
Here's another one not quite ready for publication, but I have a feeling I'll actually finish Chapter One soon. It involves Darien Chiba, PI for the city of Dictown, California, and his half brother/worker/friend Jordan Andrews. While doing some spring cleaning one day, they are interrupted by the beautiful Rei...and a case falls into their laps that will drastically affect their lives. Yea, it's another partial crossover, with quite a bit of the Japanese mixing with the American. It'll end up involving the Outers (yea! Butcherin' time! *g*), the Senshi, the Generals (I love them SOOO much! *g*), as well as Beryl, Ann and Alan, and whomever else joins the party. Also, it's due for a title change, once I find one...
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