The Four Lovers Series

Why am I here?
No, don't get existentialist on me. Why the page change? Well, it mostly has to do with another story I'm writing that is sure to be long, and I felt...heck, why not move some stuff around? Besides, I am debating a sequel for this story, and in that case, it needs it's own space.
Also, the Gens threatened to switch to traditional cooking if I didn't. They are so darn crafty sometimes.
And ya know what? I am still surprised at the response to this story. I love every minute of writing it, though sometimes it has been tough. Those travails are in the author's notes, though, still not included in the .zips. *g*
UPDATE--May 30, 2000:*still meek* Hey all. Managed to put up some FiW info, though I haven't started writing yet. I'm so bogged down in crud right now...anyhoo, I'm gonna try to have the second Chapter of FiW out by the time I finish school. Yea, me!! *g*

By the way, this series is about the Senshi/Generals relationship (there was one, believe it or not, even though I have yet to find it anywhere) and the Serenity/Endymion (Serena/Darien) one as well. It goes from Silver Millenium-present, and isn't finished yet. Right now, four are finished, and linked to here; HOWEVER, I have been very nice and uploaded "Cast Meeting" and parts of "Air..." for those who want to see them. By the way, this IS a series, and I wouldn't suggest starting with either of these. Better go to "A Sailor Moon Romance" for now. But for those who have ya go!

 A Sailor Moon Romance
Ya know, just in case you want to skip reading MY fanfic and read everyone else's (HINT: Lianne and Fushigi Kismet).
The Four Lovers: Stranded
The Four Lovers: Deep in the Heart
The Four Lovers: Happiness is a Phoniex
The Four Lovers: Interim
The Four Lovers: Cast Meeting
The Four Lovers: Air On a Cosmic String
This is in the interest of space conservation, since there's going to be some expansion on this site. Also, 'tis easier, no? I have kept part 14 up, though, because some of you expressed concerns over the .zip file on ASMR. However, I must warn you--the formatting STILL sucks. I don't know how some post long and get it to work, but they do.
The Four Lovers: AOaCS, Part 14
UPDATE ON THE INFAMOUS STORY BELOW(infamous 'cause boy, have I procrastinated on writing that darn thing!)
During an all-nighter to end all-nighters where my roomate and I stayed up to finish about forty-five different papers, I put my head down for fifteen minutes of rest--and came up with the plot for the rest of FiW! Yea my silly, demented brain! (Of course, mi roomie wasn't all too appreciative when I just started blabbing it..."Get off the comp, hand me the book, and go sort our index cards." *g*) So there will be five chapters, each of their titles given below...and things are bound to get a tad psycho...logical and strange. Just a little.

The Four Lovers: Finale in White, Prologue
The Four Lovers: Finale in White, Chapter One--Blue Blooms
The Four Lovers: FiW, Chapter Two--Green Decision
Okay, here's part of it, but I'm REALLY nervous about it. If you have any feedback for me, please send away. Oh hazy part of hazy parts! At least in the last three, I have a clear cut idea of where to go...
The Four Lovers: FiW, Chapter Three--Red Destiny
The Four Lovers: FiW, Chapter Four--Golden Revelation
The Four Lovers: FiW, Chapter Five--White Recovery
*whew* And then an epilogue. Chapter titles are subject to change, dangit! *g*

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