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The Beast

You never know what some stories can do to you...until they do it. I realize that I am going to tell this story in my author's notes (when this story ends, now about chapter twelve, I predict), but I have to get this out now. It's kind of nifty, so bear with me.

As I said before, this story came out of lack of sleep, "B&B" the Disney version, and Northern air. However, I didn't mention that it managed to deprive me of MORE sleep. You see, as I was lying in the guest room in my G-Ma's house up North, this story idea began to form. I would bet I wrote a good portion of the Prologue, just thinking about it there. However, there was one MAJOR problem: I had nothing to write it on, which kept me from sleeping, because of the POWER of the whole thing. It's rather creepy when an idea does that to me, though most of my stories come out of such things.
But ANYWAYS...this is, as said before, a retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" with a Sailor Moon twist. I am also trying to go a little bit deeper into the characters (I confess I haven't quite done this before), as well as go a little darker, try to make things real. Mars' power, for instance, or Jupiter's treatment on the Moon. The Gens also have problems, such as Kunzite's inability to attach himself to anyone, and Nephrite's "little secret." But we'll see more of that in time. To the story, now!

(Couldn't be one of my stories without one of these. *g*)
Now fixed on both sites...woo-woo me! Though it is zipped there. That's gonna happen a lot, I'd say.
Well, only a part of it is here right now. More to come soon, really!!

(To be written when I figure things out. *g*)
CHAPTER EIGHT: STRIKE!--The Sorceress gets a little ticked. Deals more with Topaz and what is going on there, as well as some shocking, horrible events.
CHAPTER NINE: RECOVERY--Just what the title tells you, for it is a recovery from the events of Chapter Eight, and lots and lots of realizations. This will be divided into a few parts on ASMR, 'cause it's LONG!
CHAPTER TEN: OF SHADOWS AND WARDS--Approaching the end of their time, the Senshi and Generals run into the hardest challenge yet when they are forced to personally confront the savage Shadow that has done so much to them all. Yet, people do some interesting things when their survival is at stake...even if the danger is passed.
CHAPTER ELEVEN: DAYS...AND NIGHTS--The ending days are here, and as Serin's surprise gets underway, she takes it upon herself to write letters to her Senshi...and inadvertantly counsel some people unsure of their hearts. The night brings her surprise on, and yet she is not the only one who will have joy when the night ends...or sorrow.
CHAPTER TWELVE: GONE!--A twist of evil deprives everyone of a last good-bye, but another surprise has come from the night's festivities that may allow this to be handled. On the Serin/Senshi end, things don't look so good at all...

UPDATE(10/04): A month since updating, and I have done the promised--FINALLY! *g* There's a good coupla more pages up on Ch.8, and I'm planning on finishing it by Friday DESPITE illness and stuff like that! Mwa ha ha!

Names and Their Translations
No, I was thinking about name translations of the original characters WAY before I ever thought of the Silence (see Ch.2) or giving them other names. However, the other names tenet came to me extremely early, and I'm not sure why; I guess I wanted a change, perhaps? Anyhoo, the names given to them were selected for their meaning, not just because that's how it worked on the show, but because name meanings are pretty darn special. It only applies to the Senshi and Gens, by the way, though I did consider renaming the royals. I just felt that it'd be better to play it safe.
A couple little notes: The suffix "ko," as many people have reminded me, actually DOES have a translation--"child (of)." I've left it off of my translations for simplicity's sake, but hey, I wanted ya'll to know. As well, my translations are direct from the romanjii; I employed no kana at all when coming up with these names. "No" BTW, is of, but in a posessive sense; that's why the short translations all have apostraphes on them.
*breath* Okay, I think that's it. Onto it!
Aino Minako becomes "Akarino Aiko", or "Love of Light", or "Light's Love."
Hino Rei becomes "Kageno Hiko". Actually, "hiko" does have another meaning, but in this case, I'm using "hi" (fire) + -ko. It means "Fire of Shadow" (Shadow's Fire).
Mizuno Ami becomes "Aisuno Kiri," which turns out to be "Fog of Ice"(Ice's Fog.)
Kino Makoto turns into "Ikarino Arashi," or "Storm of Fury" (Fury's Storm may work). This was probably my hardest name to come up with, and happened by fluke when my sis asked, "What does Ikari mean?" And the rest is history.
Jadeite=Jade. He's just too carefree for a name change. *g*
Nephrite=Kishi. As he already explained, it means "knight."
Zoisite (original mineral--I checked)=Naosu. Not explained, and it means "cure or heal" (creo).
Kunzite=Ryu. Here's a hint to the story, for it means "dragon." Oh, and technically, should be written "Ryuu"...but I ask nicely that you imagine a pretty macron over that "u" to make it the long sound, 'kay?

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