Ninx's, Reiv's, and BVH's Wacky DBZ Page!

Welcome, fine people, to Now, I must warn you--weird things happen here. Very weird things. The approach to this page must be slightly different, for it is a three-in-one concept. Therefore, as you read, think of it either as three people on one page, or one page with three personalities. Take your pick. It is made a little easier by the font color choices, and you need only look to the top to see who is who. And now, enter...

Hey! I'm Ninx (check above) and I'll be your guide for most of the way through this monumental work most call a page. Especially since we have decided not to be normal; no, hell no! If there's anything the three of us know up, it's non-normality. Which reminds me...since the Italics didn't completely introduce us, and the title is a bit bland, I'll do it!

(If you feel this is inane, scroll down. 'Course, you'll miss the rest of the intros, the Dub, the Pic Disclaimer and the Non-Suing Disclaimer. And a bit of our personalities. However...I understand. Really, I do. Maybe.)

First to introduce is Reiv (pronounced "rave") who can be best summed up in one word: spunky. Add to that a Saiyan temper (dub page alert! dub page alert!) and the tendency to be dramatic...seeing a pic yet? She's a minor quotes person, and will probably have something to do with the final design of this page.

It is more than a pleasure to introduce BVH (short for "Baron Von Hades" *cut to more evil laughing*), who is not only a great guy (and the only GUY to work on this page), but also the person who introduced Reiv and I to DBZ. He also is a minor quotes person, and buys translated DB/Z comics for us...eventually to scan.

Well, that leaves me. I'm Ninx (hey!), and my first and foremost duty is the HTML puncher of the page. I work on the quotes, and the way-too-deep-for-DBZ character analysis, as well as doing most of the web crawling. Trenchwork, but I enjoy it. *g*

Okay, okay, if you've read any of my fanfic, you know I am Disclaimer obsessed. I guess its 'cause I like to make sure people don't get wrong ideas and flame me (in this case, us) to death. So we have three disclaimers here, all in small print, which are perfectly all right to skip. Though I AM going to try and give the lawyers and critics a laugh before they stand down. *g* See you soon!


Yes, this is a dub page. Yes, I know the dub isn't up to par with the Japanese version, but until I find a televised dub that is, and is shown during prime time, I will continue to put up with what has been done to the show. After all, my anime adventures started with Sailor Moon, so this show is actually a relief. Can you imagine them calling Goku something else? What would they have done to the others? Yeagh. For now, I'll stick with this DBZ.

Well, this has two meanings. First of all, at the moment, none of the images are my own. I borrow them from various (most likely to be credited) archives. If this incenses you...gomen naisai? I should also say that this page is meant to be goofy, silly, fun, and not that well done up, since Ninx is punching the HTML. But, to get to the second meaning of this, the three of us are nuts about Pic(colo) one can growl like he does, and he got an excellent dub VAX as well. So, please, a moment of silence for our mentor (pic borrowed from fomerly-Wuken)...


Finally, no? Yea, the three of us don't own DBZ, or DB, or anything related to the two. They are owned by lots of other people who have good money and good lawyers, so no creative infringement is intended. Gracias.

Just to let you know what we're probably going to eventually put up on this page:

  • Quotes: This is what got our whole page idea started. Ninx takes quotes she likes, or in some cases, thinks are probably the dumbest trans of Japanese or use of slang ever heard, and show them off to the world. Some come with commentary. Some are done by her fellow pagers, and therefore different.
  • Episodes: These are the detailed. Between us, we have taped nearly every one shown by Cartoon Network, and we're going to use it for more than just information.
  • Pictures: A collection of borrowed, and someday scanned, pics that the three of us like.
  • Way Too In-Depth for DBZ C Analysis: *breath* I (Ninx) write, and have written, for quite awhile, and so I am able to see the inner of a C. May also turn into a character history page.
  • Links and Miscellany: Whatever other wacky stuff we come up with. Perhaps some delibrate self-insertion fanfic...and links, of course. *g*