Update, get your update!  

A blog for keeping page viewers in tune with what changes I'm making.

Put new stuff up on the Weblog page, which'll give you an accurate description of where I am. Also, wanted to announce my Fic Journal, as I really needed to jump on the bandwagon there. It should be called "Supreme Randomness," 'cause it'll host my fanfic and rl works, soo...

In other news, I'm musing on either laying out the page as an underwater library or a sorta high tech library. One means lots of blues, greens, purples (oooh), coral, etc. The other means washed out whites, grays, a very sterile look. Not that I have all the technical skill to do that, but I reaaaally need to revamp, and it's been driving me crazy that I ignore this place.

That's all for now. Jya ne!

PS: Another e-mail address. Just please don't use the Hotmail one!

  posted by Lady Ariae @ 4:27 PM

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